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Hello folks,

As we all know without ladies the world is incomplete and same goes for entertainment world as well.Television programs are old fashioned! Web-series are the new rage, and is there any good reason why they shouldn't be? They are generally short and funny there are such a variety of magnificent ones out there. So here is a rundown of the new web-series concentrated on "WOMANIYA"

1.LADIES ROOM Starring: Saba Azad & Shreya Dhanwanthary Genre: Comedy Episodes:6 πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ This is an story of two besties and the mental experiences they experience in six unique loos. It is a show about current youthful 'young lady brothers' attempting to grow up even as they develop old. These young ladies are frantic, awful and totally proud in regards to it!
What works for Ladies Room is that it's not endeavoring to giving us an ethical quality lesson, but rather winds up helping out sex balance than most different movies which attempt to do as such. The story is aro…


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While India's many film and media businesses still oblige traditionalist tastes and edits, the nation's online makers are allowed to change the amusement anyway they please. Thus, the absolute most dynamic watchable stories in the nation are free, snack able, and accessible to everybody with a web association.

The major of Bollywood and Television-based movie producers and generation houses are as yet attempting to satisfy the edit board and serve subjects as per the preservationist group of onlookers' taste, web-arrangement makers in India are trying different things with the free hand they've been managed.The web appears underneath investigate themes as shifted as premarital living together, gay rights, and Mumbai's prospering hip-bounce culture.

Starring: Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar, Abhay Mahajan  Genre:Comedy, Drama Season: 1 Total Episodes: 5 Ep 1- "Tu beer hai" Ep 2- "And then three were four"…