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Chinese dramas released in January 2018

While 2017 was an awesome year for Chinese Drama fans, 2018 looks set to bring us all the more energizing viewing, including historical to Sci-fi C-dramas.

# The Strongest Men Of God Starring: Zhang Si Fan, Shi Shi, Zhang Steven Release Year: 5 JAN 2018 ||  Total Episodes: 36 Click here for EPISODE-1 **Image Source:
Based on the novel The Strongest Men of God by Die Zhi Ling.
# Operation Moscow Starring: Yu Xia Release Year:  8 JAN 2018- 24 JAN 2018 || Total Episodes: 40 Click here for EPISODE-1 **Image Source:
Operation Moscow depends on the genuine "Trans-Siberian Train Robbery" occurrences in 1993. A sorted out pack burglarizes Chinese traders and assaults ladies on the Trans-Siberian prepare, which ventures six days from Beijing to Moscow. An extraordinary examination group drove by Chen Ya Li is shaped and an exciting chase for the posse pioneers results.

# A Step Into The Past Starring: Niu Zi Fan, Chen Sean, Guo Xiao Ting, Yu Bo, Wu Nicky