Korean Drama releasing in 2018

It's a perfect time to see what the new year has in store of Kdramas for us. Are you ready? We should perceive what we have to foresee in this January 2018 version of "Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching." 

Here are the kdramas you need to look out in 2018:

Starring: Park Hyung-Sik, Jang Dong-Gun korean drama 2018
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Choi Kyung-Seo (Jang Dong-Gun) is an unbelievable attorney at the best law office in South Korea. He has charm and an appealing appearance. He employs Go Yeon-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik) as a new kid on the block legal advisor for the law office. Go Yeon-Woo has magnificent memory.

# Radio Romance
Starring: Yoo Doo-Joon, Kim So-Hyun, Yoon Park, Yura, Ha Joon, Kwak Dong-Yeon
Releasing Date: 29 Jan 2018 || MON-TUE || 22:00 ||
radio romance korean drama
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Song Geu-Rim (Kim So-Hyun) work in as a radio program author. Her mom is visually impaired and as a kid she tuned in to the radio oftentimes with her mom. This drove her to wind up plainly a radio program essayist, yet she isn't precisely skilled in composing. Presently, the radio program that she takes a shot at is confronting cancelation. Song Geu-Rim prevails with regards to throwing top on-screen character Ji Soo-Ho (Yoon Doo-Joon).

#Longing Heart
Starring: Lee Jung-Shin, Seo Ji-Hoon, Li Yeol-Eun, Kim MinSeok
Release Date: 8 JAN 2018- 6 FEB 2018 || 
Total Episodes: 8
korean drama
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A man named Shin Woo laments releasing his first love ten years back in light of the fact that he didn't have the mettle to admit. Nonetheless, he finds the opportunity to win her again when he goes back in time, and this time he's equipped with the information that she loved him back then as well. Lamentably, he has a quite solid contender: himself from ten years back. The present Shin Woo and the past Shin-charm participate in a furious competition to win their adoration's heart.

# Queen of Mystery 2
Starring: Choi Yang-Hee, Kwon Sang-Woo, Lee Da-Hee,Oh Min-Suk
Release Date: 28 FEB 2018 ||WED- THURS || 22:00 ||
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Yoo Seol-Ok (Choi Gang-Hee) has discarded her life as a housewife. She collaborates with Detective Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang-Woo) to illuminate riddle cases.

# Are You Human Too?
Starring: Seo Kang Joon, Gong Seung Yeon, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Joon Hyuk
Release Date: 31 MAR 2018 || MON-TUE ||
Total Episode: 18
korean drama
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Nam Shin (Seo Kang-Joon) is a child from a family who runs an extensive organization. After a sudden mischance, he falls into a state of insensibility. His mom Oh Ro-Ra (Kim Sung-Ryoung) is an expert on mind science and counterfeit consciousness. She makes an android named Nam Shin III which resembles simply like her child Nam Shin. The android professes to be Nam Shin and he has a guardian So-Bong (Kong Seung-Yeon).

# Mother
Starring: Lee Bo-Young, Heo Yool, Lee Hye-Young, Ko Sung-Hee
Release Date: 24 JAN 2018 || WED-THURS || 21:10 ||
k drama mother
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A young lady named Hye-Na (Heo Yool) is mishandled by her mom Ja-Young (Ko Sung-Hee). In spite of the fact that she isn't alright, she tells other individuals she is okay. Soo-Jin (Lee Bo-Young) is an impermanent instructor at the grade school where Hye-Na goes to. Soo-Jin knows about her circumstance and chooses to end up noticeably her mom.

# Cross
Starring: Ko Gyung-Pyo, Cho Jae-Hyun, Jeon So-Min, Kim Ji-Han
Release Date: 29 JAN 2018 || MON-TUE || 21:10 ||
**Image Source: http://bit.ly/2BugiI6

Kang In-Kyu's dad was severely killed 13 years prior. To render retribution on the individuals who are in charge of his dad's passing, he turns into a specialist. Kang In-Kyu volunteers at a jail therapeutic office where the killer is detained.

# Return
Starring: Ko Hyun-Jung, Lee Jin-Wook,Shin Sung-Rok, Bong Tae-Gyu,Park Ki-Woong
Release Date: 17 JAN 2018- 8 MAR 2018 || WED- THURS || 22:00 ||
Total Episode: 32 [ 2 Ep/Day]
korean drama
**Image Source: http://bit.ly/2EaZCZn

Choi Ja-Hye is a legal counselor and Dokgo Young is an analyst with a hot temper. They cooperate on a murder situation where the suspects are youngsters from the exclusive class.

# Four Men
Starring: Park Hye-Jin, Nana, Kwak Si-Yang, Lee Ki-Woo, Ren
Release Date: 19 SEP 2018 ||
Total Episode: 16
k drama
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Story takes after a man whose design is to survive, another man that is searching for answers on affection and a lady that is in the focal point of this entire story.Yeo Rin (Nana) is an analyst. She is brimming with equity and has a warm heart. She loses her beau Dong-Jin (Park Hae-Jin) and she looks for intimations on her dead sweetheart Dong-Jin. Amid her hunt, Yeo Rin experiences a man that appears to be indistinguishable to Dong-Jin. Yeo Rin ends up plainly associated with a puzzling case.Meanwhile, Kang Il-Hoon (Park Hae-Jin) is the mystery child of CEO Kang Do-Hoon (Park Geun-Hyung). He acts as a secretary for Kang Do-Hoon.

# Mr. Sunshine
Starring: Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Ri, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Byun Yo-Han
Release Date: JULY 2018 || SAT-SUN || 21:00 ||
Total Episodes: 24
korean drama 2018
**Image Source: http://bit.ly/2BA5uZ2

Story of a young man who goes to the United States amid the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (U.S. endeavor to Korea), and comes back to his country later as an American fighter.He meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter.

# My Ahjusshi
Starring: Lee Sun-Kyun, IU, Lee Ji-Ah,Oh Dal-Su
Release Year: 21 MAR 2018 || WED-THURS || 21:10 ||
**Image Source: http://bit.ly/2ByCKQt

A man (Lee Sun-Kyun) in his 40's withstands the heaviness of life. A lady in her 20's experiences diverse encounters, yet additionally withstands the heaviness of her life. The man and lady get together to help each other.

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