Kpop News Alert Yulhee Officially Leaves LABOUM

Yulhee Officially declared to leave LABOUM

kim yulhee
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Yulhee has left the group LABOUM. 

On November 3, LABOUM's office discharged an official articulation, saying, "First of all, we apologize to our loving fans of LABOUM for reporting these sudden news. The  Yulhee member of LABOUM has chosen to leave the group. 

"Yulhee said a few times to the organization that she never again wishes to be in entertainment industry, and after a long discourse, we've chosen to regard her choice and end her agreement.

Yulhee Posts Handwritten Letter After Leaving LABOUM

kim yulhee hand written letter
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Her full letter is as per the following: 

Her full letter is as per the following: 

"Everyone! Hello, this is Yulhee. 
The climate's getting colder nowadays, so please dress warm and be watchful about colds. You were all most likely shocked by the sudden news, however beside my contrite sentiments, I'm composing this letter since I needed to state a remark fans. 
I'm exceptionally appreciative for as long as 3 years that I've spent as an individual from LABOUM. I've gained numerous valuable experiences with the fans and individuals. I giggled and I cried a ton amid these previous years, and I spent a great deal of cheerful days thinking about whether I merited so much love. 
Be that as it may, there was likewise a period that I experienced a great deal of passionate hardships, and I put forth various inquiries and stressed over my future. Amid that drawn out stretch of time, I discussed my worries with my individuals and individuals at the organization, and they've chosen to regard my choice. I'm declaring with a conciliatory heart that today is my last day as Yulhee of LABOUM. 
A large number of you were presumably astonished by the sudden news, and I'm so sad for baffling fans when they've given me so much love. I'm pitiful I can't stay faithful to my obligation to remain close by, yet thinking back, I understood there have been such a large number of minutes that I won't overlook. It must've been so troublesome and excruciating for my kindred LABOUM individuals to acknowledge my choice, so I feel exceptionally appreciative and contrite to them too. I'll generally bolster them. 
It's my last minute as LABOUM's Yulhee, and I ask that you continue supporting my kindred individuals. I likewise trust you bolster my future as Kim Yulhee. To the fans, individuals, and Global H Media workers, thank you for the valuable recollections and encounters. 
At long last, thank you to each one of the individuals who cherished and bolstered me. I won't overlook you. "


Breaking News Yulhee Officially Leaves LABOUM
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breaking new about laboum's yulhee
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