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K Drama News Update - Say bye to kdrama hero Ji Chang-Wook

Korean Drama Actor Departs

Ji Chang-Wook most popular Korean drama actor reports for "ARMY DUTY" **Image Source:

Another goes! Ji Chang-wook announced for armed force obligation on August 14 in Cheolwon, Gangwon-do, to start his 21 months of dynamic military administration. It's been an especially cruel year of losing dramaland driving men to armed force obligation, as this is the latest year for everybody conceived in 1987 to start their administration, and there's only a bizarre heavenly body of driving show on-screen characters who were conceived that year.
Most enrolled discreetly, and Ji Chang-wook wanted to do as such also with only a goodbye picture he set up on the web, however fans and press supposedly swarmed the instructional hub at any rate. Gratefully for us, that implies loads of pictures of Ji Chang-wook with his recently trimmed hair, giving his fans one last goodbye.

Ji Chang-wook appeared in the 2008 outside the box motion pictu…

Top 10 Best K-POP Boy's Group of 2017

K-POP best Boy's Group 2017

Korea is associated with its amazing Korean drama and movie superstars. The K-POP icons are of no short here. They have motivated the general population everywhere throughout the world. Here we have a rundown of best 10 most prominent Korean Kpop boys group in 2017.
#10 NCT
**Image Source:

NCT is the most up to date and the most recent boy group idea. A short name for "Neo Culture Technology", it is depicted as having a boundless number of individuals. Much like making the fantasies conceivable to numerous visionaries around the globe, the individuals are boundless and advances in various sub-units. Today, the fundamental sub-units are: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream. Ensuing units are relied upon to make a big appearance in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. They are under SM Entertainment.


The 1st unit of NCT, NCT U was presented on April 4, 2016 with six individuals.On July 1, 2016 S.M. Diversion reported N…

Korean drama's Top 10 highly paid celebrity

K Drama's highly paid celebrity

In K drama world you know huge names of the celebrity who frequently win a huge fortune from their longtime works in Korean dramas. This point applies to every country, also Korea which is a champion among the most common countries in the film industry. Many stars in Korea dramas, both singers, and artists, have an awesome wage. Nevertheless, clearly, there are a couple of singer and artists who have a layout in around the globe, yet moreover can secure more than others. You may not know for without question which stars and the sum they obtain from a show or a film. In this article, you will get the chance to see the fundamental 10 highly paid Korean celebrity and singer that can get high paid for their parts in 2017. You should have seen some of them and they may be your most adored stars moreover.
#10. JI CHANG-WOOK Born: 5 July 1987 Recent Drama: Suspicious Partner||2017|| Ji Chang Wook is a South Korean on-screen character. He is extremely accla…

Korean TV drama Top 10 goddess

Korean Drama's top goddess 

Korean dramas and film industry have an extensive number of performing artists. These hot, sizzling, dazzling, brilliant and gifted on-screen K dramas characters engage the crowd with their execution and have won millions of hearts. Korean dramas series industry has a substantial number of wonderful performers in this way, it is hard to rank them out. Each Kdrama fan would concur that Korean actresses beauty magnificence is a mix simplicity and exquisiteness.They are the confronts you would not become tired of taking a gander at regardless of the possibility that you went on each drama 10 times. However, here is a rundown which positioned the 10 most wonderful on-screen characters of Korea.

Jun Ji-hyun conceived on 30 October 1981, otherwise called Gianna Jun, is a South Korean performing artist. She rose to distinction for her part as The Girl in the lighthearted comedy My Sassy Girl (2001), one of the most noteworthy earning Korean comed…

Korean drama's Top 10 coolest bad guys

Korean Drama's Bad Boys

We all know how essential "HEROES" in our Korean dramas, They battle with terrible people groups just to spare great ones.But Do you ever know how hard our villains do to make an ideal adverse characters in it.These nice looking guys have certainly prevailed with regards to advising us that lowlifes don't convey a sign that says "I'm a bad person," and they may really look like sweet eye confections that are noxious all around.

10. GWI Drama: Scholar Who Walks The Night Hero vs Villain : "Lee Joon-Gi" vs " Lee Soo-Hyuk" Total Episodes: 20 Release Year: 2015 **Image Source:
The villain in "Scholar Who Walks the Night" absolutely has his spot as the most imperative bit of the show. An old vampire with a shrouded past, Gwi controls the strings of the puppet celebrated court as a shadow master with an underground illustrious position.Actor Lee Soo Hyuk plays the character marvelously,…